Outside the Box




Schweiz   -   2014   -   108 Min.   -   Drama 

Regista: Simon Jaquemet 

Interprete: Benjamin Lutzke, Ella Rumpf-Capron, Stefan Weibel, Sascha Gisler 

Website: chrieg.com 

Suisa-Nr.: 1010.499 



The whole world is against Matteo. At least that’s how it seems to this fifteen-year-old. He has no friends, his parents appear to live on another planet, and his awkward attempts at gaining the respect of his father continually fall flat. One night, Matteo is led away by two men and taken to an isolated Alp, where he is to spend the summer working hard on the fields at a boot camp. But Matteo gets a surprise while up in the mountains: After overpowering their supervisor, the rebellious youths Anton, Dion and Ali take over control and lock the newcomer in a dog pound. Over time, the tortured and humiliated Matteo proves his courage, and is finally accepted by the truculent gang. Together, the youths wage a war - against adults, against society, against everyone and everything. With CHRIEG, director Simon Jaquemet takes us on a journey into the world of an aggressive gang. An intense, atmospherically dense drama that burrows deep under the skin.


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